How to DELETE: Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking has a restrictive, debilitating effect on your freedom to function, and certainly on your ability to enjoy life fully. Eliminate fear of public speaking with the DELETE TechniquesMajor complaints include: lost of jobs, embarrassment, and continually dodging career advancement due to their inability to control their anxiety. But, since most people are programmed by experience, imagination, or instruction, they can be deprogrammed.

What is Fear of Public Speaking (Speech Anxiety)?

Fear of public speaking or speech anxiety is a term for the sense of fear or panic that occurs when a person may have to speak in public such as giving a presentation before a group of 4 to 1,000 people. For sufferers of speech anxiety the size of the audience and whether the audience is composed of familiar or unfamiliar faces does not make a difference.


Symptoms of Speech Anxiety

  • sweaty palms
  • increased blood pressure
  • mouth gets dry
  • pounding or increased heart beat
  • shortness of breath
  • shaking, trembling
  • stutter or start speaking rapidly
  • nausea
  • increased muscle tension
  • anticipatory anxiety
  • over-preparation


Causes of Speech Anxiety

Researchers have identified five common concerns that contribute to the fear and anxiety associated with public speaking:

  • previous public speaking experiences that were considered “failures”
  • fear of being in the spotlight
  • fear of being judged
  • worry about preparation for the speech
  • amount of experience (or lack, thereof) in delivering a speech to a particular audience or on a specific topic.


How common is Fear of Public Speaking (Speech Anxiety)?

According to the American Psychiatric Association, Fear of Public Speaking (Glossophobia) is the most common type of social phobia. It affects a large percentage of the population and is equally prevalent among both men and women (

Many people experience a fear of public speaking, from feelings of anxiety and panic just prior to the event, to full anxiety throughout the speaking experience. If you are one of these people, you will want to call Dr. Luann, who used to have the fear of public speaking and is now a past president of the National Speakers Association of Northern California.

A 25 year old woman tried hypnotism, counseling, and biofeedback but was still bothered by fear of public speaking. After help from Dr. Luann, she wrote:

"I wanted to thank you for all your guidance in helping me to overcome my fear of public speaking. In just the few sessions that we had, I was able to "delete" most of my public speaking fears and speak more confidently in groups of others. I feel that I have made significant progress with your program and would highly recommend it." — RA

If you are already a speaker and want an executive coach for presentation and content, I recommend Patricia Fripp.

Here’s the Good News!!!

Fear of Public Speaking can be overcome through a process called the DELETE Techniques. These techniques are a simple system by which individuals easily and quickly learn to selectively DELETE (eliminate) their unpleasant or unwanted thoughts and feelings.

The DELETE Techniques are widely known for achieving rapid positive response, and they work for almost everyone.

ACT NOW! Suffering is optional…

If you (or someone you know) suffer from Fear of Public Speaking, you should consider trying the DELETE Techniques as soon as possible. There’s no reason to suffer needlessly when something can be done to resolve your problem.

We invite you to call us for a FREE initial telephone consultation to determine how the DELETE Techniques will help you. We offer both group and private sessions. We accept many insurance coverages and credit cards. This makes our services available and affordable to virtually everyone.

Contact Dr. Luann today to get your free consultation. Call 1-858-581-1122, or use our online contact form to send her a message.


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Good Medicine Magazine,
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