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Chemical Corporation Executive

The chemical corporation is a small company with 6 sales people covering different territories.  The owner/president, Al, was very ill and had less than a year to live.

There needed to be a major shift to more involvement of his wife, Mary, and son, Paul.  With Al’s insistence, Dr. Luann was hired to provide training and sales marketing strategies, team building, and communication skills to Mary, Paul, and the six sales people.  Paul was being groomed to move from being a sales person to taking over the company.  Mary needed to become familiar with the inner workings of the company.

Al died a year later.  Dr. Luann continued consulting with Mary and Paul concerning strategies and communications; Mary was also coached and supervised on how to continue team building sessions and manage sales meeting sessions for the next two years.

Then, the sales people attempted a mutiny – a takeover of the company.  With a specialized attorney and Dr. Luann’s coaching, Mary and Paul successfully stopped the mutiny with minimal damage to the company.  Mary and Paul are in full charge of the company and doing well.


Architect – Westin Hotels and Resorts

Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, was planning to build a new hotel on their property. Westin Hotels and Resorts was one of five hotels competing to win the contract to build.  Westin was working with a developer in New York City, and an architect in San Francisco with fantastic plans. Stanford specifically stated they wanted to hire a proven team. The problem was:  Westin, the architect, and the developer had never met each other. They were far from being a team. The other four competing hotels consisted of solid teams with a history of working together.

Dr. Luann was hired to make a team out of strangers.  The task was to coordinate and build a team of the President of Westin, the developer, and the architect for the presentation to Stanford. The objective was to make them look like a team that had been together forever. Staging and choreographing the presentation was necessary.  It involved visiting the site, measuring the room, and taking pictures of the layout – even the parking.  To add to the challenge, all of the pre-presentation work and planning had to be done on the telephone, because the first time they would meet was the night before the final presentation.

The San Francisco architect had been coached on presentation skills and specific layout of the room they were going to be in. He was very nervous and insecure because the pressure was at the level that he had not experienced before.  The architect was even coached on what he would wear…which consisted of what he felt comfortable in, and he practiced and rehearsed his part of the presentation with Dr. Luann. The president of the development company had been told that he was the weakest link and needed instructions to make the presentation better. All were coached very thoroughly on what each person was going to do, when, and how. The multimedia part of the presentation was specifically clear and impressive. Finally, they were all informed, coached, and ready for their part in the presentation.

The presentation was seamless. Westin won the contest against all odds; the three speakers looked and acted as if they had worked together for years.


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