Success Stories – Requisite Organization – The Accountable Management System

The Case of Entrepreneur Company X

Background of Company

Owner, CEO, and Chair of Entrepreneur Company X has developed a multi-million dollar organization in the service industries that encompass:

  • Philanthropic
  • Economics of Service Industries
  • Financial Services
  • Recreational service
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Education
  • Real Estate
  • Non-profit business organizations

Issues the Company is Facing

  • Owner, CEO, and Chair of Entrepreneur Company X did not have a delegation system and solely ran the company.
  • Tends to micromanage himself and his employees
  • Stress and burnout (overworked)
  • Wasn’t able to effectively manage all companies
  • Workaholic
    • The expectation for his employees to match his work ethics and production.
  • Had difficulties managing his own time
  • Multi-tasking
  • Inability to separate personal and business relationships with people working within the organization.
  • Belief that he can elevate any employee to do more than they have ever done.
  • Unrealistic and sometimes unfeasible expectations of employees.
  • Control
  • Taking on subordinate roles and responsibilities
  • Ineffective recruitment strategies

The Company’s Goals

  • Relieve Stress
  • Differentiate personal and company goals
  • Lead employees and managers to be better persons and to expand their own horizons
  • Maximize ethics and morals and ensure all employees understand and accept
  • To have subsidiary businesses become stand-alone entities
  • Delegate effectively using existing roles and responsibilities
  • Expand businesses
  • Eliminate and integrate existing non-productive businesses

What Requisite Management Approach has done for the Company

  • Effectively communicate company’s vision to reach strategic goals
  • Relieved personnel job stress
  • System for hiring top talents and placing them in relevant job roles
  • Personal effectiveness appraisal process
  • Mentoring and career development
  • Determined work levels by roles and responsibilities
  • Company restructuring and staffing
  • Leadership training

The Outcome of Applying Requisite Management

  • Prioritized strategic goals to transition towards a new vision
  • “Right-sized” company by eliminating non-productive entities/subsidiaries
  • Reorganization of personnel
  • Defined and aligned job roles and responsibilities
  • Reduced personnel job stress


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