Success Stories - Fear of Flying

Overcoming Panic

Before working with Dr. Luann, a fearful flyer described her fear and how she feels when the doors close in a plane or a subway or sometimes an elevator.

“For example, I board a plane, find my seat, and then sit back to watch other people board. I seem to need to scan their faces to see who is fearful too. A few minutes later I hear the announcements beginning, and realize that the door is about to close. Then I’ll start thinking ‘I don’t like feeling trapped’…the idea of the door closing makes me feel trapped.

“At this point I’ll experience:  

  • a rush of sensations;
  • racing heart;
  • lightheadedness, and dizziness;
  • cold, clammy hands;
  • tingling in my fingers, toes, and mouth;
  • difficulty breathing;
  • becoming very hot or claustrophobic.

“Coupled with all these physical symptoms, I’ll have the urge to rush off the plane.

“My thinking was:

  • I’m about to lose control, 
  • I’m going to be trapped,
  • I’m going to go crazy,
  • I’ll have a heart attack,
  • I can’t tolerate these feelings,
  • I’ll make a fool of myself.

“Thoughts such as these obviously increase my panic.

I knew from before that being afraid and uncomfortable with flying can come from a number of other fears: heights, crowds, closed-in spaces (claustrophobia).  But fear of having a panic attack on the plane, feeling trapped, feeling out of control, and the anticipatory anxiety are the worst.  Dread and terror would take over my whole mind and body. After working with Dr. Luann, I can now fly without all my old fears and negative thoughts after only 4 one-hour sessions on the phone.”


Overcoming Anxiety

Dr. Luann,

I wanted to thank you for all of our work together to get me ready to fly – and not just fly – but fly overseas to Europe. It made a huge difference. I recognized when I was having those pesky recurrent negative mind thoughts (old thought) that had nothing to do with reality. I then imagined them as a piece of paper that I crumpled up and threw away. Our first flight out of Raleigh to NY was a small plane with a bumpy ride. Not fun. I had a long layover in NY. I sat down to prepare and I was clear that I was making a choice about how I was going to handle the next flight. I did fine and we had a terrific trip. See the attached picture of my boys & me. We are in the Arena in Verona built in 1AD.

I have to say the best thing about our work was not just regaining the ability to fly without falling apart inside but more about regaining my life. I shifted my thought into a different place. Thank you so much!


Director, Product Reliability
& Quality Assurance Engineering


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